Astronomy Project for 4-26-2017

Please read sections 10.4 and section 10.5 about Mars.  Focus on the differences between our planet and this one.

Then, around 10:30 when you’re done reading, get in a group of 3 and begin planning a mission to Mars.

  1. What would you need to take?
  2. How long would you be gone?
  3. What types of science would you like to do while you’re gone/there?  (There are a lot of branches, including psychology, that are open to study!)
  4. President Trump has mentioned accelerating our program for a mission to Mars.  We are currently on track to send people in the 2030’s.  He would like to do it in the next 4 years.  What do we need to do to make this happen? (Do we have rockets? Crews? The scientific ability?)

Turn your answers in (digitally on google drive or on dead trees) at the end of class so I can look at them over night.

Astronomy assignment for 4-13-2017

Please read sections 28.1 through 28.2

Answer these questions and turn in on paper, or share it with me in a google doc

  1. How are distant (young) galaxies different from the galaxies that we see in the universe today?
  2. What is the evidence that star formation began when the universe was only a few hundred million years old?
  3. Describe the evolution of an elliptical galaxy. How does the evolution of a spiral galaxy differ from that of an elliptical?
  4. Explain what we mean when we call the universe homogeneous and isotropic. Would you say that the distribution of elephants on Earth is homogeneous and isotropic? Why?

If you finish early, please continue working on your website and/or book report.

5th Period Lab 4-12-2017

Today you’ll be investigating pendulums using the PhET Pendulum Lab.


Answer the following questions on paper and turn in at the end of class.

  1. Play with the Pendulum Lab to figure out what variables affect the motion of a pendulum and write qualitative descriptions for each variable.  Ex: “Increasing the mass does…”
  2. Design experiments to find the best equation for the relationship between the length of the pendulum and period. Include a table and graph of your data, or make a spreadsheet and chart with a trendline in Google Sheets.
  3. Design experiments to find the best equation for the relationship between the angle the pendulum was released from and period. Include a table and graph of your data, or make a spreadsheet and chart with a trendline in Google Sheets.
  4. Using what you know about Potential and Kinetic Energy, create an equation that attempts to calculate the velocity of the pendulum at the bottom of it’s swing as a function of:
    1. Angle that it was released from and
    2. Pendulum length.

      Remember, PE initial =KE final!

You may work with a small group, but everyone must turn in a paper!

Astronomy Website Requirements

What your webpage should include

  • The Current time
  • Current Weather
    • What do ideal conditions look like? How will I know if I should bother setting up my telescope?
  • Viewing conditions / clear sky clock
    • Explanation of how to read the graph
  • A current map of the sky
  • Images of the sun in various wavelengths
    • descriptions of what you’re looking at.

Assignments for 1/24

Please read chapter 2 of the Open Stax Astronomy Book through section 2.2

start here:

In a small group (3-4 people max) write me your own version of SparkNotes for this section.  You’ll be able to use it on the quiz when I get back!

5th Period Assignment 1/20/2017

While I’m out of the building today, please begin a research paper on a scientist (preferably a physicist, but if you’re more interested in biology, chemistry, or astronomy, go for it!)

Good papers will answer the following questions:

  1. Who are they?
  2. Where are they from?
  3. How did they get started in science?
  4. Did they start in the same field that they got famous in?
  5. What are they famous for?
  6. How has their research effected humanity (or your daily life?)

I’m available by email if you need me.  Share your progress with me on google drive!

Assignments for 1/13/2017

I am out of the building today. Please complete the following in my absence.

2nd Period:

Finish your posters.  They are due when we get back on Tuesday.  When finished, continue on to the assignment for 5th period. This would be a quick way to earn some extra credit!

5th Period:

Read the following 3 articles.  Write me a page or so on your opinion.   (On paper or on a google doc.  Be prepared to share it with me first thing on Tuesday.)


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