Climate Change Research

You all wanted it, so lets research it!

Step 1 is agreeing on the facts.  I pull heavily from Scientific American.  In my opinion, they don’t have a political slant (politics are unnecessary and usually not helpful when you’re just collecting information) and they cite their sources well through links in their articles.  If you have a better source, tell me! I want to include it!  More information is never a bad thing.

Your job for today

  1. Read those articles and play with those graphs.
  2. Write a paragraph or so that tell me about
    1. what (if anything) surprised you
    2. what (if anything) is exactly as you expected
    3. Is the climate changing?

I’m not asking you to investigate causes, solutions, or anything like that.  The first step a doctor takes is to examine the patient and see if they’re sick.  We can look at causes tomorrow.