Spring Lab (Lab 8)

Today I would like you to investigate springs and how they stretch when a force is applied to them. (This is important because stretching springs are one way to construct a scale!)

  1. Take several minutes and play with the PhET Mass and Spring Simulation. (Hint: If it’s on the screen, it probably moves!)
    Masses & Springs

    Click to Run
  2. Try to determine the mass of the unknown weights (green, red, and gold.)
    • You may work in a small group.
    • You must turn in your own work.
    • You probably want to make a (really good) graph from stuff that you can measure in the lab. ¬†(Independent variables on the x-axis!)

What am I turning in? (Due at the end of class!)

  1. Make a data table that includes information that you used to determine the mass of the unknowns. Record the determined masses in the table as well.
  2. Write a procedure that another student could follow to verify your results. The procedure should be in paragraph form.
  3. Write a paragraph that explains your reasoning for the procedure design.
  4. (If you have time) Find the gravity on Planet X and describe how you determined it.