Assignments for 11/21

First period:

For the 9 of you who actually downloaded and attempted the homework, I appreciate your diligence.  Here are some resources for you.

First μ is a prefix meaning micro, or 10^-6.  So when you see 5.7μC, we’re talking about 5.7*10^-6 coulombs

Hyper Physics Coulomb Force Calculator

For an Electric Field calculation, Q2 is usually just a single electron, or a single proton.  Use the calculator above, then divide the answer you get by the charge of that single electron.

Assignments for 11/20

Today is an easy day! You have webassign about electric force and electric fields. Try this without yahoo answers. If you need help Google “hyper physics.” It’s a great resource from the University of Georgia.

Force is in Newtons
Charge is in Coulombs
Electric Field strength is in Newtons per Coulomb (N/C)

If you need help, email me!

If you wrap up early, get some work in on the wiki!

STEM Python Project

The program that you’re writing will be graded on it’s ability to do the follow.

  1. Questions that you should ask the user.
    1. Ask for Velocity Initial
    2. Ask for launch angle
    3. Ask for launch height
  2. Display the following:
    1. Component velocities
      Vix and Viy
    2. Time the projectile hits the ground
      Bonus points if you can eliminate the negative time!
    3. The distance the projectile travels
  3. Style points for:
    1. Using human readable variables
    2. Commenting your code

This project is due on Nov 25.


Assignments for 9/15

Period 1 and 4.  Please watch the following video about drawing free body diagrams.  We covered most of this last week, but this is a good refresher, and actually takes the process a few steps beyond what we did.

Use this information to complete Force pt. 2 on WebAssign.  It is due tonight at 11:59pm.  If you have questions, please submit them through the site and I will try to answer them through the day.

Assignments for 9/2

There are now 3 assignments about 2D Kinematics on WebAssign.  2 were due previously. 1 is new.  They are all due Today!


Over the weekend, I recorded 4 videos that might help you solve some of these problems.  Watch them in small groups, and see if you can’t make some progress.  As always, I’ll be near my phone and will try to answer questions on web assign, but I can’t guarantee how fast that will be.

Finding Component Velocities

Finding the maximum height of a projectile

The Water Balloon Fight

The Range Equation (use only on level fields Yf=Yi)

Assignments for 8/25

All: There is webassign homework due tonight on 2D Kinematics.

4th period: We recorded this morning’s lecture and posted it to youtube.  As a class, watch the recording of the lecture.  Once you are finished, work on the related webassign problems.  Feel free to refer back to the video for help, (or look at the 2D kinematics section of OpenStax Physics.  There’s a link in your class tab.)

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