You’ve probably reached this page because you saw a sign below the TV in the commons.

What am I looking at?

You’re watching a live video stream from the International Space Station.

You can watch the ISS video stream any time on the ISS website

Where is the International Space Station right now?

When will it be above me again?

Why can’t I see the Earth right now?

The ISS orbits the Earth once every 92 minutes.  That means for 46 minutes at a time, the ISS is over a dark part of the Earth.  The good news is that the sun will come back up again in 46 minutes!  (The sun rises and set 15 times a day for astronauts on the ISS.)

How many people are in space right now?

How are you getting this video up there.

The TV is showing video output from a RaspberryPi.   A RaspberryPi is a credit card sized computer that you can program to run all types of experiments and projects.  You can buy a RaspberryPi for about $45, or buy a kit that has a case and other pieces to get started experimenting.

The software we’re using is from ISS Above.  This software was specially written for the RaspberryPi, and automatically calculates when the Space Station will be over head based on the computer’s location on Earth.

Have more questions?

Drop by and ask Mr. McLaughlin in room 507, or ask a Physics or Astronomy student.

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