Homework 4

1) Suppose you walk 18.0 m straight west and then 25.0 m straight north. How far are you from your starting point, and what is the compass direction of a line connecting your starting point to your final position?

2) Suppose a pilot flies 40.0 km in a direction 60º north of east and then flies 30.0 km in a direction 15º north of east. Find her total distance R from the starting point and the direction θ of the straight-line path to the final position.

3) In an attempt to escape his island, Gilligan builds a raft and sets to sea. The wind shifts a great deal during the day, and he is blown along the following straight lines: 2.50 km 45.0º north of west; then 4.70 km 60.0º south of east; then 1.30 km 25.0º south of west; then 5.10 km straight east; then 1.70 km 5.00º east of north; then 7.20 km 55.0º south of west; and finally 2.80 km 10.0º north of east. What is his final position relative to the island?