Evolution of a Star

We’re leaving the planets behind today and beginning our look into the life of stars.  Please complete the following project while I am out of the building today.

Attached are  24 star flash cards with stars (and a planet) at different stages in it’s life.  Your goal today is to arrange them into a coherent story (a timeline if you will.)

What I want from you:

On a sheet of paper, or digitally, put the cards in order from the birth to the death of a star.  Include a description of the image that appears on the card, and why you put it there.

What it might look like (these answers are not right!)

5) A stellar nursery.  This is a cloud of gas where stars might form in the future.

7) A main sequence star.  This is an average midlife star, like our sun.

23) A red giant star.  This is a star that is running out of gas and about to die.


I don’t know any of this stuff!!!

Of course not. This is brand new information.  Here are some resources that might help you:


https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stellar_evolution (because wikipedia has a ton of useful pictures.)