Constellation Project

DUE: August 18th by 2:20pm.

To become more familiar with the night sky, I would like you to research a constellation and create a poster.

To earn a B, the poster should contain the following information at a minimum.

  1. Describe the constellation
    1. location and shape
  2. History/Mythology of the Constellation
    1. Taurus the bull. Why is it between Orion and the Pleiades
  3. Picture of the Constellation (Artistic or Actual)
  4. Map of the Constellation
  5. Objects of Interest
    1. Notable galaxies, and nebula, etc. (AND PICTURES!)

The difference between an A and a B is the style of your presentation.  A good poster is interesting to look at.  It includes pictures that are relevant to your information.  It isn’t cluttered, and is easy to read.  You should enjoy looking at it.  (For tips and tricks, google “how to make a good power point” or “how to make a good infographic.”


How do I start?

Begin your design in google presentation, keynote, powerpoint, or something similar.  It’s easy to manipulate pictures, text, and their placement.  There’s no glue involved so it’s easy to change pictures, colors, font, etc.

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