Bad Physics in the Movies

Presentations Due December 4th


For this project, you will investigate the physics of a movie or TV show.  Find scenes with stunts or situations that are physically impossible and rate their improbability.

What you’ll be graded on

A powerpoint (or google slides) presentation that details

  1. The movie/show you’re investigating,
  2. The situations that you think are impossible,
  3. Your explanation of the physics that makes the situation impossible.
  4. Your calculations.

How you’ll be graded

  1. Presentation
    1. Is it pretty? – 5pts
    2. Good graphical support – 5pts
      (Did you include videos and pictures that are relevant?)
    3. Is your presentation style engaging. – 5pts
  2. The Science
    1. Find 2 physical impossibilities (3 for 1st period) – 5pts
      Did you find two situations, and explain why it’s not ok.
    2. Found supporting science (equations / laws / theories) 10pts
      Did you use the right branch of physics to claim this was impossible?
    3. Calculate real numbers – 10pts
      Do the equations support what you’re trying to prove?
      Are your calculations correct?
    4. Discussion of numbers / reality – 10pts