Astronomy Shark Tank

Time Line


  • Purpose of the mission, and list of similar missions due. 
    • What are you researching?
  • Relevance section due.
    • Why should I fund your mission?
    • What have other missions like yours accomplished?

Mission Plan

  • What instruments do you need to answer your question above?
  • Is this modern day science or do we need to invent something new?


  • How big is your satellite/lander
  • What kind of rocket will you use?
  • How long will your mission last?
  • Be able to defend your answer.  Nothing works forever!

Shark Tank day. (April 6th)

Present your mission and sell me on it! (Possible panel of other distinguished scientists.)

How You will be scored/graded (who wins?)

  • Is your research accurate?
    The Voyager missions did not land on Venus…
  • Is your science feasible?
    If you have to invent the warp drive, it’s probably not gonna happen
  • Is your science relevant?