Assignments for 11/9

Periods 1 and 2

Then read section 5-3 pages 112-115 and do problems 21 & 22 on page 131.  (1st period, you had this for homework, come together in small groups. Since you’ve had more time to study it, leave hints for 2nd period on some white boards.  We’re stronger as a team.)  Turn in your answers at the end of the period.


Period 5:

Read up on the James Webb Telescope.  It completed some major testing milestones this week.

  • What testing has it undergone?
  • What still needs to be tested?
  • Why are we testing this particular telescope so throughly?
  • Why are some scientists opposed to this telescope?
    • Where are we putting it?  Will it be easy to get to? Could we repair it?
  • What science do we hope to accomplish with this device.
    • Will we be able to directly image planets outside of our solar system?

Turn these questions in on paper at the end of the period.