Reversing Climate Change

First and foremost: laptops are a privilege. Please return them to the cart after use.

So we’ve researched it and found some problems.  Now it’s time to find solutions!  Can we stop climate change?  At this point, I don’t know.  But there’s always something we can do about our situations!  Maybe the actions to take now are to lessen the effects!

Some effects:

Read up on “Day Zero” in Cape Town South Africa.  It’s not easy to prove that their water crisis is the direct result of us driving 10MPG SUVs to and from the grocery store.  It is easy to see that their climate has changed.  (Remember, 18th century European sailors stopped there on their way to Asia specifically for their water!)

Look at the steps the people are taking to avert this crisis.  Is it working?

Laptops are a privilege. Please return them to the cart after use.

Want to do something more technological?

Check our Elon Musk’s Gigafactory.  Where are they selling their batteries? (They’re not just going into Teslas.)


Are you more into agriculture? 

Look at how technology is changing watering and fertilizing practices here in Northeast Tennessee.  There are companies selling drone based aerial imagery back to farmers to help them better use water and fertilizer.

Laptops are a privilege. Please return them to the cart after use.

Where are we going with this?

Over the next few days you will research and propose things that we can do to help with the problem.  It could be as simple as turning off your computers when you put them back in the cart at the end of the day.  It could be as complicated as water use policy for the TVA.  Find something that interests you!


And as a final reminder. Laptops are a privilege. Please return them to the cart after use.  If I find another MacBook wedged into a book and not in a cart you will work exclusively from original sources and all papers will be due in cursive, in Chicago style with full inline citations.


Warm regards


Causes of Climate Change

Over the last few days, you’ve been researching if climate change is real.

First, turn in what you’ve typed up by joining my google classroom with code 6sj93r1.

Now, I want you to research what might be causing it.  I’d like to give you more latitude here because step 3 is going to be “how do we fix it?”

Some resources:

Causes of climate change (NASA)

Has global warming paused? (SciAm)

Fossil Fuel subsidies (SciAm)

Causes of Global Warming (NatGeo)

Your task is to summarize the causes, and start focusing on some solution.  Turn that summary of causes and solutions by tomorrow.  I’m thinking that would be about 1 page in length.


Climate Change Research

You all wanted it, so lets research it!

Step 1 is agreeing on the facts.  I pull heavily from Scientific American.  In my opinion, they don’t have a political slant (politics are unnecessary and usually not helpful when you’re just collecting information) and they cite their sources well through links in their articles.  If you have a better source, tell me! I want to include it!  More information is never a bad thing.

Your job for today

  1. Read those articles and play with those graphs.
  2. Write a paragraph or so that tell me about
    1. what (if anything) surprised you
    2. what (if anything) is exactly as you expected
    3. Is the climate changing?

I’m not asking you to investigate causes, solutions, or anything like that.  The first step a doctor takes is to examine the patient and see if they’re sick.  We can look at causes tomorrow.


Astronomy Instructions for 1/10/2018

Next Friday, I would like you to make a presentation (or create a poster) on a constellation of your choosing.  Your presentation/poster should include

  • Name
  • Map of the constellation
  • Artistic rendering of the constellation
  • A description of the constellation
  • The mythology and history of the object
  • Any objects of interest in the constellation (nebulas, galaxies, meteor showers, etc.)

An example of a poster layout can be found here.

You may work near a friend, but everyone must turn in their own poster/presentation.



Name of the constellation you’re using.

A summary/initial lay out of your poster.

I’m looking for something to prove that you did something with your time today.  I trust you.  Don’t let me down!

Assignments for 9-1-2017

Sorry I can’t be with you today.  My dog is sick and I’m taking him to UT to see some doctors (go Vols!)

Today, I would like you to complete the lab that I have printed out for you.  There are copies sitting on my podium at the front of the room. Work in pairs on this lab.  (No more than 2 to a group!)  Grab a laptop and use this simulation from the University of Colorado at Boulder.

Please turn this lab, and your book work from yesterday, in to the sub at the end of the period.

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